Kamýk Daunen is regularly pursuing a number of prestigious certifications. Those we may consider the most important ones are RDS, Downpass, ISO 9001, ISO 28000, Downafresh, Daunasan, Nomite, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and others. Currently, we are working towards achieving the Bluesign certificate and we are members of the EDFA.

We also have our own, fully equipped laboratory, which is operated by trained personnel with years of experience. We intensively collaborate and use the IDFL laboratories extensively in order to confirm the test results of our laboratory. It is worth mentioning that we annually advocate the EDFA “ring test” that confirms that our methods of testing feather fillings are in line with European as well as global standards. Another point of interest is the fact that we regularly advocate the demanding IKEA“ GO/NO-GO“ audit criteria while always achieving the positive result of “GO”.